Analogue Cops

Analogue Cops: Flimsy Output

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Artist: Analogue Cops

Artist: Analogue Cops
Title: Flimsy Output
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Lucretio and Marieu, AKA The Analogue Cops, are back on Hypercolour for the Flimsy Output EP. On "Higher & Higher", Lucretio serves up some prime-time underground vocal house vibes; a filtered vocal and string combo flourishes around a hefty kick drum whilst acidic bleeps rain down. On "Give Out", Lucretio opts for more astute sampling, wrapping a soulful vocal around a loping percussive beat and incessant keys. Marieu reduces the BPMs on "Hit The Power" for a lazy, shuffling jam. Jacking things back up for "XA Swing", Marieu deploys reverberating beats, garage light organs, and transposed vocal refrains.

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