Anand Wilder: Break Line the Musical

Anand Wilder & Kardon, Maxwell: Break Line the Musical
Title: Break Line the Musical
Label: Secretly Canadian
Product Type: VINYL LP

On a front porch in Philadelphia in early 2004, Anand Wilder and Maxwell Kardon sat with a guitar and a banjo and busily fingerpicked to keep their hands from freezing. After a few false starts they settled on a dirge in d-minor and began improvising lyrics about a labor conflict in a Western Pennsylvania coal town that their fathers had learned about from an old folk song taught in Quaker schools in the '50s.

1.1 Coal Into Diamonds
1.2 Wedding Day
1.3 Opportunity
1.4 Hold You Tight
1.5 They're Stealing Our Coal
1.6 4th of July
1.7 Better to Die
1.8 It Doesn't Seem Right
1.9 Fathers and Brother
1.10 I'm to Blame
1.11 Hang Your Head High

Anand Wilder: Break Line the Musical

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