Anatole: Emulsion

$22.34 $25.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Anatole

Title: Emulsion
Label: Mercury KX
Product Type: VINYL LP

2019 release. Emulsion is the debut album by Anatole AKA Jonathan Baker. Emulsion draws inspiration from his jazz and classical background, combined with electronic soul and dynamic beat-driven production. Raised amongst the dramatic natural surroundings of the Blue Mountains, just outside of Sydney, Anatole grew up engrossed in his natural environment, isolated from technological luxuries. Long days exploring the boundless bushland imbued him with a deep love for both the grand and cinematic scale of big ecosystems, and the fine beauty in the minutiae of the smallest organisms and patterns. It is this same balance between the giant and the infinitesimal that permeates his grand and finely detailed musical productions.

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