Ancient Sky

Ancient Sky: Mosaic

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Artist: Ancient Sky

Artist: Ancient Sky
Title: Mosaic
Product Type: VINYL LP

Mosaic" is a new statement of purpose for Ancient Sky & a record that defines the band as one of Brooklyn's heaviest & most dynamic units. It is the sound of a band revitalized. With the addition of Adam Bulgasem as 2nd drummer, Pat Broderick's signature swing hits even harder. Kevin Lamiell & Brandon Evans add bass & keys respectively, leaving main-man Brian Markham to handle the singular guitar, one that riffs & drones in classic Ancient Sky form. From metallic street punk, to swinging celestial psych, to the crunching terror blues, this is a band showing that maturity means knowing your strengths & also knowing how to keep pushing it.

1.1 Sing Swing
1.2 Two Lights
1.3 Garbage Brain
1.4 Know
1.5 Induction
1.6 Protection
1.7 Ancient Tape

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