And and and

And and and: The Failure

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Artist: And and and

Artist: And and and
Title: The Failure
Product Type: VINYL LP

2015 release from the alt-rockers. Winners of Willamette Week's 2011 Best New Band poll (past finalists have included Menomena, Starfucker, and Typhoon), And And And finally are releasing what can only be called the follow-up to that year's blur of output, culminating with the early 2012 Lost EP. They're known for truly epic live shows with no clear delineation between stage and offstage or audience member and musician. Recorded over ten days in San Diego with Rafter Roberts between skateboarding and drinking sessions, the record is fiery and urgent. It evokes classic grunge-era sounds from the Northwest (think Mudhoney and early Nirvana), but bleeds melody and passion all it's own.

1.1 Bow Down
1.2 A Real Case of the Blues
1.3 Things Just Go This Way
1.4 Oh My Love Is Sweet
1.5 I Can't Find It
1.6 Animals
1.7 Whiskey Shakes
1.8 One More Trip to Babylon
1.9 Desperately Ok
1.10 Losing Team

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