Andre Ceccarelli: Golden Land

Andre Ceccarelli: Golden Land
Title: Golden Land
Label: Camjazz

Recorded mid-November 2006 in Paris, GOLDEN LAND is an album which nourishes on a most genuine jazz feeling, between rhythmic and effervescent episodes and others marked by an atmosphere of great melodic gracefulness, such as the title track, which can be heard here in two versions: The first with the participation of Elisabeth Kontomanou and the second perofmed by the quartet. GOLDEN LAND is jazz made from muscles and above all, with much heart and just as much brain.

1.1 Love Whispers
1.2 Five Plus Five
1.3 Golden Land
1.4 Free Three
1.5 I'm Through with Love
1.6 1Er Novembre
1.7 Though Dreamers Die
1.8 This Side Up
1.9 Golden Land
1.10 Just One Thought and a Half
1.11 Maybe Sunday Night

Andre Ceccarelli: Golden Land

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