Invocation: Creation

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Invocation

Title: Creation
Label: Naxos

1.1 No.1 - the Representation of Chaos
1.2 Recitative and Chorus: In the Beginning God Created Heaven and Earth
1.3 No.2 - Aria and Chorus: Now Vanish Before the Holy Beams
1.4 No.3 Recitative: And God Mad the Firmament
1.5 No.4 - Solo with Chorus: The Marv'lous Work Beholds Amaz'd/The Glorious Hierarchy of Heav'n
1.6 No.5 - Recitative: And God Said: Let the Waters Under the Heaven
1.7 No.6 - Aria: Rolling in Foaming Billows
1.8 No.7 - Recitative: And God Said: Let All the Earth Bring Forth Grass
1.9 No.8 - Aria: With Verdure Clad the Fields Appear
1.10 No.9 - Recitative: And the Heav'nly Host Proclaimed the Third Day
1.11 No.10 - Chorus: Awake the Harp
1.12 No.11 - Recitative: And God Said: Let There Be Lights in the Firmament of Heaven
1.13 No.12 - Recitative: In Splendour Bright Is Rising Now the Sun
1.14 No.13 - Soloists and Chorus: The Heavens Are Telling the Glory of God
1.15 No.14 - Recitative: And God Said: Let the Waters Bring Forth Abundantly
1.16 No.15 - Aria: On Mighty Pens Uplifted Soars the Eagle Aloft
1.17 No.16 - Recitative: And God Created Great Whales
1.18 No.17 - Recitative: And the Angels Struck Their Immortal Harps
1.19 No.18 - Soloists: Most Beautiful Appear/No.19 - Trio and Chorus: The Lord Is Great
2.1 No.20 - Recitative: And God Said: Let the Earth Bring Forth the Living Creature
2.2 No.21 - Recitative: Straight Opening Her Fertile Womb
2.3 No.22 - Aria: Now Heav'n in Fullest Glory Shone
2.4 No.23 - Recitative: And God Created Man in His Own Image
2.5 No.24 - Aria: In Native Worth and Honour Clad
2.6 No.25 - Recitative: And God Saw Ev'rything That He Had Made
2.7 No.26 - Chorus: Achieved Is the Glorious Work/No27. - Trio: On Thee Each Living Soul Awaits/No.28 - Chorus: Achieved Is the Glorious Work
2.8 No.29 - Recitative: In Rosy Mantle Appears
2.9 No.30 - Duet with Chorus: By Thee with Bliss, O Bounteous Lord
2.10 No.31 - Recitative: Our Duty We Performed Now
2.11 No.32 - Duet: Graceful Consort! at Thy Side
2.12 No.33 - Recitative: O Happy Pair
2.13 No.34 - Chorus and Soloists: Sing the Lord, Ye Voices All!

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