Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird: Break It Yourself

$17.18 $19.98
Product Type: CD
Artist: Andrew Bird

Title: Break It Yourself
Label: Mom & Pop Music

Deluxe DVD Edition includes HERES WHAT HAPPENED short film featuring live performances from Bird, the creation of album and a rare look into Birds private studio.

1.1 Desperation Breeds
1.2 Polynation
1.3 Danse Caribe
1.4 Give It Away
1.5 Eyeoneye
1.6 Lazy Projector
1.7 Near Death Experience Experience
1.8 Behind the Barn
1.9 Lusitania
1.10 Orpheo Looks Back
1.11 Sifters
1.12 Fatal Shore
1.13 Hole in the Ocean
1.14 Belles
2.1 DVD
2.2 Orpheo Looks Back
2.3 Lazy Projector
2.4 Eyeoneye
2.5 Lusitania
2.6 I'm Goin' Home
2.7 Fatal Shore

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