Andrew Hung: The Greasy Strangler (original Soundtrack)

Andrew Hung: The Greasy Strangler (original Soundtrack)
Title: The Greasy Strangler (original Soundtrack)
Label: Death Waltz

Death Waltz Recording Company are proud to present The Greasy Strangler. The film was featured on Sundance's Midnight section and drew immediate hype for it's singular vision. The Fright File wrote "Complementing every scene in an incalculable way is one of the most pronounced and inspired music scores and soundtracks in recent memory, an instantly catchy, appropriately playful lo-fi orgy of electronic synth compositions from Fuck Buttons band member Andrew Hung". Hung's score reflects the onscreen insanity perfectly offering an extremely twisted musical electronic soundtrack reminiscent of 80s video games complete with chiptune vocals, children's keyboards and playful bouncy beats, it's the kind of off kilter musical styling's you might find from the residents in some of their more delirious pop moments.

1.1 Brightly Coloured Pills
1.2 Get on the Greasy
1.3 Go Home to My Bed
1.4 Little Song
1.5 Make Love to Me Brayden
1.6 Pottertoe
1.7 Gulp!
1.8 Oily Grapefruit
1.9 Fizzy Barf (Mafia Mix)
1.10 You Didn't Listen, Oh No
1.11 Go Home to My Bed (Sad Mix)
1.12 Disco Kings
1.13 Lubricate the World
1.14 Cornball
1.15 Stoned on Fart Fumes
1.16 Amulet of Arg
1.17 Fizzy Barf
1.18 Ricky the Pricky
1.19 Get on the Greasy (Slo Mix)

Andrew Hung: The Greasy Strangler (original Soundtrack)

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