Andromeda: Manifest Tyranny

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Artist: Andromeda

Artist: Andromeda
Title: Manifest Tyranny

Sweden s Andromeda with several albums and tours under their belt is definitely one of the most successful progressive metal bands in Scandinavia and Europe. Albums like Extension of the Wish, II=I and chimera are considered classics in the scene, and the DVD Playing off the Board shows how talented this Swedish guys really are. This is something Andromeda also have proved over the years with appearance at festivals like ProgPower USA and Europe, Bloodstock UK and shows together with Evergrey among others.

1.1 Preemptive Strike
1.2 Lies 'R' Us
1.3 Stay Unaware
1.4 Survival of the Richest
1.5 False Flag
1.6 Chosen By God
1.7 Asylum
1.8 Play Dead
1.9 Go Back to Sleep
1.10 Antidote

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