Angel Pavement

Angel Pavement: Socialising With Angel Pavement

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Angel Pavement

Artist: Angel Pavement
Title: Socialising With Angel Pavement
Product Type: VINYL LP

180 gram 12" vinyl plus bonus 7" single, featuring extensive sleevenotes. Active for roughly four years at the end of the Sixties, Angel Pavement released just two singles in their lifetime - 'Baby You've Gotta Stay' b/w 'Green Mello Hill' in October 1969, followed by 'Tell Me What I've Got To Do' b/w 'When Will I See June Again' in January 1970. Despite numerous high-quality recordings being made at Morgan Studios in Willesden, north-west London, the group failed to obtain a release for their intended album, Socialising With Angel Pavement. Here we reconstruct that LP - initially slated to appear in August 1970 - for the first time.

1.1 The Man in the Shop on the Corner
1.2 Time Is Upon Us
1.3 Napoleon
1.4 Socialising
1.5 Jennifer
1.6 When Will I See June Again
1.7 Water Woman
1.8 Little Old Man
1.9 Green Mello Hill
1.10 Genevieve
1.11 Maybe Tomorrow
2.1 Hey Grandma
2.2 Madison Blues

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