Angels of Light

Angels of Light: Sing "Other People"

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Artist: Angels of Light

Artist: Angels of Light
Title: Sing "Other People"
Product Type: VINYL LP

Another breakthrough for former Swans frontman M. Gira and company - short, sharply orchestrated, almost-pop songs that access a multitude of musical styles and references. These 12 finely hewn tributes to friends and heroes, stars and scoundrels make this easily the most accessible Angels of Light offering yet.

1.1 Lena's Song
1.2 The Kid Is Already Breaking
1.3 My Friend Thor
1.4 On the Mountain
1.5 Destroyer
1.6 Dawn
1.7 My Sister Said
1.8 Michael's White Hands
1.9 To Live Through Someone
1.10 Simon Is Stronger Than Us
1.11 Purple Creek
1.12 Jackie's Spine

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