Anggun: Echos: French Edition

Anggun: Echos: French Edition
Title: Echos: French Edition
Label: Warner

French edition features 12 tracks sung in French. Anggun is the best-selling Indonesian artist abroad and one of Asian's most exported artist across the globe: over 3 million albums sold in the Western world! Echoes, in a sense, sums up this transformation, returning to the pop sound that made her name, but this time with new collaborators. Anggun has written the lyrics of every song, in English and in Bahasa Indonesia, making this album probably her most personal to date. Warner. 2012.

1.1 Je Crois en Tout
1.2 Je Partirai
1.3 L'etiquette
1.4 Mon Meilleur Amour
1.5 Psychomaniaque
1.6 Toi L'eternelle
1.7 Promets-Moi Le Ciel
1.8 Mon C'ur
1.9 Deracinee
1.10 Oser
1.11 L'annee Du Serpent
1.12 J'ai Appris Le Silence

Anggun: Echos: French Edition

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