Anti-Pasti: 1980-1983

Anti-Pasti: 1980-1983
Title: 1980-1983
Label: Captain Oi Import

Three CD set features all of seminal Punk band Anti-Pasti's early '80s recordings. Disc One is their debut album The Last Call which hit #31 in the UK National Chart and also topped the Independent Chart. The second disc is 1982's Caution In The Wind album which hit #7 in the Independent Chart. The final disc contains 18 non-LP tracks including all of the Indie Chart #11 hit EP Four Sore Points, the #9 charting 'Let Them Free' and the #1 'Six Guns'. The booklet contains detailed liner notes, pictures of all relevant record sleeves and lots of clippings from the era.

1.1 No Government
1.2 Brew Your Own
1.3 Another Dead Soldier
1.4 Call the Army (I'm Alive)
1.5 City Below
1.6 24 Hours
1.7 Night of the Warcry
1.8 Freedom Row
1.9 St. George (Gets His Gun)
1.10 The Last Call
1.11 Ain't Got Me
1.12 Truth and Justice
1.13 Hell
1.14 I Wanna Be Your Dog
2.1 Caution in the Wind
2.2 One Friday Night
2.3 X Affair
2.4 Get Out Now
2.5 Mr Mystery
2.6 East to the West
2.7 See How They Run
2.8 Hate Circulation
2.9 Agent ABC
2.10 The Best of Us
2.11 Guinea Pigs
2.12 Beyond Belief
3.1 No Government (Single Version)
3.2 1980
3.3 Two Years Too Late
3.4 Something New
3.5 Ain't Got (The Wragby Studio Session Tapes 1980)
3.6 Another Dead Soldier (The Wragby Studio Session Tapes 1980)
3.7 Two Years Too Late (Live - Apocalypse Now Tour)
3.8 I Wanna Be Your Dog (Live - Apocalypse Now Tour)
3.9 Anoter Dead Soldier (Live - Apocalypse Now Tour)
3.10 Let Them Free
3.11 Another Dead Soldier (Single Version)
3.12 Hell (Version)
3.13 Six Guns
3.14 Now's the Time
3.15 Call the Army (I'm Alive) (Single Version)
3.16 Burn in Your Own Flames
3.17 Last Train to Nowhere
3.18 Blind Faith

Anti-Pasti: 1980-1983

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