Antisect: The Rising Of The Lights

Antisect: The Rising Of The Lights
Title: The Rising Of The Lights
Label: Rise Above Limited
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited 180gm colored vinyl LP pressing with booklet. Thirty-two years on from the release of Antisect's brutally prescient Out From The Void seven-inch, the now revitalized band are reborn in flames of glory on their brand new full-length LP, The Rising Of The Lights: a startling and absorbing return to action from a band whose inner flame has never stopped blazing. Far from being a docile repeat of past glories, the new Antisect material takes the furious spirit of their early recordings and recasts them in viciously contemporary sonic steel. The end result is an album that thrums and crackles with the electrifying intensity of the anarcho-punk era while packing the kind of jaw-shattering punch that fans of modern heavy music demand. The seemingly impossible has become the very real. Antisect return in 2017 with a new album that could hardly be a more righteous soundtrack for humanity's spiraling demise. The spirit of '83 is very much alive and it's most potent protagonists are once again kicking doggedly against the pricks.

1.1 Spirit-Level
1.2 The Last Ones Standing
1.3 Weapons of Mass Distraction
1.4 Acolyte
1.5 Welcome to the New Dark Ages
1.6 Rise the Lights
1.7 Black
1.8 Something to Hate
1.9 Scared to Die

Antisect: The Rising Of The Lights

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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