Antiseen: Live Possum

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Antiseen

Title: Live Possum
Label: Jailhouse

Very limited edition, too-fancy-for-it's-own-good, digipak release of ANTiSEEN's special 30th anniversary live set recorded at the Tremont Music Hall in February, 2013. We pressed a whopping 500 copies of this release, with 200 available exclusively at the band's 30th Anniversary festival show, with only 300 available to the general public. This will probably be repressed in 2014 in regular jewel case but these will be the only digipak ever available, never to be seen again. This special recording features the classic ANTiSEEN lineup of Jeff Clayton, Joe Young, Tom O' Keefe, and Greg Clayton, and features some of their most classic and rare material with their likewise classic and very rare live lineup. Superb top notch recording and mixing by John Hayes, and meticulously mastered by the well-known Dave Harris of Studio B mastering.

1.1 Intro
1.2 You're Gonna Tote An Ass Kickin'
1.3 Today Your Love
1.4 Storm Trooper
1.5 Animals...Eat Em
1.6 Psycho Killer
1.7 I Don't Ask You for Nothing
1.8 Small Town Schizo
1.9 Chicken
1.10 My God Can Beat Up Your God
1.11 Break It Off
1.12 Dixie Intro
1.13 Trapped in Dixie
1.14 Cactus Jack
1.15 Death Train Comin'
1.16 Star Whore
1.17 Glad I Am, the Way I Am
1.18 Encore Intro
1.19 Wifebeater
1.20 Fuck All Y'all

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