Apache Dropout

Apache Dropout: Heavy Window

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Artist: Apache Dropout

Artist: Apache Dropout
Title: Heavy Window
Product Type: VINYL LP

After three LPs and a clutch of 45s, Southern Indiana's Apache Dropout have loosened an adherence to the divine mono sound and forged a scaly stereo technique for Heavy Window. This is a deeper, blown out swagger of peer-less rock 'n? roll filtered through a lush three-dimensional spectrum. Just as their self-titled debut snapped heads back, Apache Dropout has proven again they can rescore the garage rock aesthetic and remain undisputed purveyors of true lysergic North American boogie.

1.1 Sittin' Around
1.2 Heavy Window
1.3 Trash Is Treasure
1.4 Movie Magic
1.5 Little Georgia
1.6 Tired Old Story
1.7 Crystal Ball
1.8 Left the Nest
1.9 Detective
1.10 Radio Double Agent
1.11 After the Space Age

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