Apartment: Dreamer Evasive

Apartment: Dreamer Evasive
Title: Dreamer Evasive
Label: Fleet Street

The rapturous reception afforded to Apartment's striking early Fierce Panda singles 'Everyone Says I'm Paranoid' and 'Patience Is Proving', gave way to, well... silence. Anticipation at a high, Apartment took the gamble to go to ground to start work on their debut album. The second part of 2006 witnessed Apartment emerge, live & kicking from the studio & back into the spotlight. 'The Dreamer Evasive' pays back multiples on their gamble, the edgy spectral disco-pop of tracks like "My Brother Chris" and the haunting emotional resonance of songs like 'Pressures' (the next single) and 'Ghost of An Unforgiveable Past' combine flawlessly to make for a sophisticated, sharply tuned debut sure to give a jolt to those who thought they had the band down as Interpol also-rans.

1.1 Paid in Full
1.2 My Brother Chris
1.3 Fall Into Place
1.4 10000 Times
1.5 Pressures
1.6 June, July
1.7 Everyone Says I'm Paranoid
1.8 Tokyo for Miko
1.9 Decisions of Legomen
1.10 Ghost of An Unforgivable Past
1.11 Beyond My Control

Apartment: Dreamer Evasive

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