Aphrodite's Child

Aphrodite's Child: 666: Apocalypse of St John

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Artist: Aphrodite's Child
Title: 666: Apocalypse of St John

Out of print in the U.S.! Two CD release for this landmark 1971 album by the Greek act led by Vangelis. A concept album about the Bible's Book of Revelations, this edition contains all 24 tracks from the original release. Includes the near-hit 'Break'. Universal.

1.1 The System
1.2 Babylon
1.3 Loud, Loud, Loud
1.4 The Four Horsemen
1.5 The Lamb
1.6 The Seventh Seal
1.7 Aegian Sea
1.8 Seven Bowls
1.9 The Wakening Beast
1.10 Lament
1.11 The Marching Beast
1.12 The Battle of the Locust
1.13 Do It
1.14 Tribulation
1.15 The Beast
1.16 Ofis
1.17 Seven Trumpets
1.18 Altamont
1.19 The Wedding of the Lamb
1.20 The Capture of the Beast
1.21 Infinity
1.22 Hic and Nunc
1.23 All the Seats Were Occupied
1.24 Break

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