Apocalypse: Lendas Encantada

Apocalypse: Lendas Encantada
Title: Lendas Encantada
Label: Musea Records France

Apocalypse has been the first Brazilian band signed by Musea for a new record. Released at the end of the Eighties, "Lendas Encantadas" (1989) revealed an exceptional band playing Progressive rock music full of energy, obviously inspired by MARILLION. The reissue includes four bonus-tracks recorded in 1996. The second album "Perto Do Amanhecer" (1995) proves to be in the same vein, but even better ! These twelve concise pieces mix peaceful acoustic moments with more aggressive and nearly hard-rock passages. And the Portuguese singing gives the music an exotic and very nice touch. Discover the warmth of this sunny music, when admiring the superb pictures included in the booklet. "Aurora Dos Sonhos" (1996) displays a luxurious Progressive rock music, halfway between influences from the Italian school from the Seventies (BANCO DEL MUTUO SOCCORSO, PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI, QUELLA VECCHIA LOCANDA) and the recent neo Progressive efficiency. A successful and subtle mixing. "Refugio" (2003) i.

1.1 Miragem
1.2 Sentinela
1.3 Caã§Ador de Maquinas
1.4 Virada Do Sã©Gulo
1.5 Luzes Da Vida
1.6 So Voge
1.7 Sombra Do Meuser
1.8 Sozinho Perdido Dentro de Mim
1.9 Chamando Por Ajuda
1.10 Mesmo Que Nao Haja Nada
1.11 Levando a Vida

Apocalypse: Lendas Encantada

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