Apokryphon: Subterra

Apokryphon: Subterra
Title: Subterra
Label: Avantgarde Music

Apokryphon is the new project by Zorgh, Darkspace founding member and bassist. This new band has nothing to do with Darkspace, hence it would be inappropriate to make any kind of comparison between the two. Quite the opposite, after twenty years crafting a certain kind of music (and a certain kind of black metal), the Bern-based musician wanted to explore something different, and this is why you should expect a totally distant approach to both themes and sounds. The multi-instrumentalist even chose a new alias for herself, here going by the name of Ophis. Djinn - vocals Ophis - instruments / additional vocals

1.1 Evangelion of the Serpent
1.2 The Naasene Psalm
1.3 Sand Ghosts
1.4 The Great Ignorance
1.5 Anthropos
1.6 Nag Hammadi
1.7 Taxidermia
1.8 Subterra (Bonus Track)

Apokryphon: Subterra

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