Application: Applied Remixes

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Artist: Application

Artist: Application
Title: Applied Remixes
Product Type: VINYL LP

Application have selected some of their favorite artists to remix their album System Fork (DUST 041 CD/LP). Each artist selected their favorite track and were given the freedom to do what they wanted with the track. Application explain: "We went to see Pye Corner Audio in Sheffield, the table was festooned with equipment that looked like it has just been dropped out of a toy box. We immediately liked him. Beneath is so clever with the way he organizes his beats, we had to invite him to be part of this project as we've loved everything he's released. Geiom's approach and ear for detail has always been attractive to US and we really wanted to hear what he'd do with one of these tracks. We knew he would create something different that we wouldn't do ourselves. Scanner has been a good friend over the years and we've been closely following the very different path he's taken, he's always doing something we'd never have thought of, so we had to get him involved. We're big fans of Russell Haswell's work and have always enjoyed watching him work live, it's as if he's trying to put something back together while it's melting! Sometimes we don't understand what Mark Fell is doing but we always enjoy the experience. He drags you further and further into his world and not many artists can do that. These are our reasons."

1.1 Front End (Remixed By Pye Corner Audio)
1.2 Flange 7 (Remixed By Beneath)
1.3 Siren (Remixed By Geiom)
1.4 Swuth (Remix By Application)
1.5 Ambient B (Remixed By Scanner)
1.6 Cron Job (Remixed By Russell Haswell)
1.7 Steve Reich's Ice Cream Van (Remixed By Mark Fell)

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