Aram Shelton

Aram Shelton: Two Cities

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Artist: Aram Shelton

Artist: Aram Shelton
Title: Two Cities

Redefining the collective concept in an ensemble, Two Cities is the follow up to the 2006 release Ready Everyday (DMK 571). The Fast Citizens have a rotating leader chair. This time Aram Shelton has taken the reins as main composer, focusing on orchestration and structural variety to present a stylistically diverse album that includes hard swing, lush ballads, high-energy free improvisation, modern composition and Sun-Ra-inspired grooves. Aram Shelton, alto saxophone, clarinet; Keefe Jackson, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet; Josh Berman, cornet; Fred Lonberg-Holm, cello; Anton Hatwich, bass; and Frank Rosaly, drums. Nine new compositions.

1.1 Two Cities
1.2 Big News
1.3 Western Promenade
1.4 VRC#9
1.5 In Cycles
1.6 I Am Here, You Are There
1.7 The Twenty-Seven
1.8 Wontkins
1.9 Easy

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