Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin: Beautiful Ballads and Love Songs

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Artist: Aretha Franklin

Artist: Aretha Franklin
Title: Beautiful Ballads and Love Songs

Aretha Franklin: full of fire, with a powerful, soaring voice that commands attention and respect. However, that same voice sings ballads with equal aplomb, embracing timeless songs with a wisdom and passion unparalleled by most of her contemporaries. The songs included on this collection are the finest examples of Aretha's most tender moments as a vocalist, perfect for a romantic nights or a lazy afternoon. Tracks include "If You Need My Love Tonight", "Gimme Your Love", "If Ever a Love There Was", "A Rose Is Still a Rose" and many more.

1.1 (It's Just) Your Love
1.2 Love Pang
1.3 I Got Your Love
1.4 You Are My Joy
1.5 Misty
1.6 Freeway of Love
1.7 This Is for Real
1.8 Love Me Right
1.9 Every Girl (Wants My Guy)
1.10 When You Love Me Like That
1.11 Unforgettable
1.12 Gimme Your Love
1.13 A Rose Is Still a Rose
1.14 Never Leave You Again
1.15 Until You Say You Love Me
1.16 Giving in

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