Argus: Beyond the Martyrs

$30.09 $34.99
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Argus

Title: Beyond the Martyrs
Label: Cruz Del Sur Music
Product Type: VINYL LP

Filled with doom-tinged, traditional heavy metal, Argus' third album is sure to force metal heads everywhere to raise horn-crested fists to the sky. "Beyond the Martyrs" contains all of the hallmarks of their previous works - twin guitars, soaring vocals, and a driving rhythm section; it is heavy, melodic, epic, and brooding all at once. If you don't like this album, you don't like metal!

1.1 By Endurance We Conquer
1.2 No Peace Beyond the Line
1.3 The Hands of Time Are Bleeding
1.4 Trinity
1.5 Four Candles Burning
1.6 The Coward's Path
1.7 Cast Out All Raging Spirits
1.8 Beyond the Martyrs

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