Armagedda: Final War Approaching

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Artist: Armagedda

Artist: Armagedda
Title: Final War Approaching
Product Type: VINYL LP

The phenomenon known as ARMAGEDDA spawned some 20 years ago and has pierced the dark hearts of humans across the globe ever since. As a symbol of it's 20th year of existence, Armagedda will re-issue the whole back catalogue in it's original form. The reissue of the band's uncompromising debut album "The Final War Approaching" will come with identical artwork to the original release on the classic German label Sombre Records back in 2001.

1.1 Deathminded
1.2 Sign of Evil
1.3 The Final War Approaching
1.4 Skogens Mörka Djup
1.5 Unholy Sacrifice
1.6 Undergång
1.7 DÖD ; Pina
1.8 My Eternal Journey

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