Armando or Fiche: Original Cuban Masters

Armando Orefiche: Original Cuban Masters
Title: Original Cuban Masters
Label: Essential Media Mod

Armando Ore fiche - the "Cuban Gershwin"- has received the highest honors in the history of Cuban popular art - not only as a creator of exquisite songs imbued with the heart and soul of his native land-but also as an ambassador of Cuban music, his own and that of other Cuban composers in all latitudes. This classic 1959 recording was, unbelievably, his first recording in his native land - Featuring the vocals of Ana Margarita This product is an authorized manufactured on demand CD-R

1.1 Cubano Soy
1.2 Me Estoy Enamorando de Ti
1.3 Me Voy Pa' Brasil
1.4 Habana de Mi Amor
1.5 Paris Cheri
1.6 Madonina Del Porto
1.7 Una Noche de Amor en la Habana
1.8 Carinosamente
1.9 El Amor en Honolulu
1.10 Corazon Para Que
1.11 Anacaona
1.12 Sangre y Arena
1.13 Venus
1.14 No Es Posible Querer Tanto
1.15 Chacha la Negra
1.16 Ausencia
1.17 Porque Tendra Que Ser Asi
1.18 El Arroyo Que Murmura
1.19 Salida de Cecilia Valdes

Armando or Fiche: Original Cuban Masters

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