Armonite: And The Stars Above

Armonite: And The Stars Above
Title: And The Stars Above
Label: Purple Pyramid

2018 release from Italian progressive rock band Armonite. Features violinist Jacopo Bigi and keyboardist Paolo Fosso! Includes guest appearance by Colin Edwin of iconic UK prog-rockers Porcupine Tree!

1.1 The March of the Stars
1.2 Next Ride
1.3 District Red
1.4 Plaza de España
1.5 Clouds Collide
1.6 Blue Curaçao
1.7 By Heart
1.8 Freaks
1.9 By the Waters of Babylon
1.10 The Usual Drink
1.11 What's the Rush?
1.12 Ghosts
1.13 A Playful Day (For String Quartet) (Bonus Track)
1.14 The Fire Dancer (For Piano Solo) (Bonus Track)

Armonite: And The Stars Above

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