Aronious: Perspicacity

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Aronious

Title: Perspicacity
Label: The Artisan Era

Formed in Green Bay in 2011, Aronious set out to play crushing progressive death metal. After their well-received debut EP Truth in Perception in 2014 and a few necessary lineup changes, the band teamed up with Mark Lewis (BENEATH THE MASSACRE, WHITECHAPEL, ARSIS) to record their first full length Perspicacity. Now with the attention and backing of The Artisan Era, the band is about to crush skulls with the new release.

1.1 Perspicacity Part 1
1.2 Perspicacity Part 2
1.3 Somatic Evolvement
1.4 The Passage of Knowledge
1.5 An Assembled Reality
1.6 Modernity Part 1 (Instrumental)
1.7 Modernity Part 2 (Instrumental)
1.8 Eternal Subjugation
1.9 Self-Induced Affliction
1.10 The Digital Age
1.11 Delusions of Superiority
1.12 A Grim Fate
1.13 Inconclusive

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