Arretohce: Whispers of the Earth

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Artist: Arretohce

Artist: Arretohce
Title: Whispers of the Earth

Arretohce - formed from the Greek and Latin to mean 'a touch of goodness' - is a newcomer to the New Age / Classical scene. The debut album, Whispers Of The Earth, is an all instrumental album featuring piano, keyboards, and string arrangements. The music is gentle, soothing, and pleasant for the soul. Fans of Yanni and similar artists are sure to enjoy the 50 minute musical journey deep into the spirit of the Earth.

1.1 Create Your Fate
1.2 Life Force
1.3 Windows of the Soul
1.4 Hallev
1.5 A Gentle Breeze
1.6 Reincarnate
1.7 Forever More
1.8 After the Ocean
1.9 Aqua Descent
1.10 Epilogue: Unity

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