Arthur Brown

Arthur Brown: Crazy World of Arthur Brown

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Arthur Brown

Title: Crazy World of Arthur Brown
Label: Esoteric

Digitally re-mastered and expanded two CD edition of this classic 1968 album featuring a bonus CD of rare and unreleased material. This Psychedelic Rock classic burst forth, topping the album charts on both sides of the Atlantic and spawning the hit single 'Fire'. The Rock world discovered the delights of Rock's supreme showman Arthur Brown and his influence would be felt the following decade when Alice Cooper acknowledged his debt to Arthur's genius. Produced by Who manager Kit Lambert and Who guitarist Pete Townshend, this classic album has been re-mastered and expanded by the inclusion of rare single tracks, a BBC radio One session from April 1968, alternate mono mixes from the album sessions, and a version of 'Nightmare' from the 1968 film, the Committee. Esoteric. 2010.

1.1 Prelude Nightmare
1.2 Fanfare Fire Poem
1.3 Fire
1.4 Come and Buy
1.5 Time Confusion
1.6 I Put a Spell on You
1.7 Spontaneous Apple Creation
1.8 Rest Cure
1.9 I've Got Money
1.10 Child of My Kingdom
1.11 Devils Grip (Bonus Disc)
1.12 Give Him a Flower (Bonus Disc)
1.13 Music Man - Stereo Mix (Bonus Disc)
1.14 Fire - First Version Previously Unreleased (Bonus Disc)
1.15 Prelude Nightmare - Alternate Mono Mix (Bonus Disc)
1.16 Fanfare Fire Poem - Alternate Mono Mix (Bonus Disc)
1.17 Fire - Alternate Mono Mix (Bonus Disc)
1.18 Come and Buy - Alternate Mono Mix (Bonus Disc)
1.19 Time - Confusion - Alternate Mono Mix (Bonus Disc)
1.20 Brian Matthew Interview (BBC Session April 1968)
1.21 Fire Poem Fire (BBC Session April 1968)
1.22 Come and Buy (BBC Session April 1968)
1.23 Nightmare - from the Soundtrack of the Film the Committee (BBC Session April 1968)

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