Arthur Lee

Arthur Lee: Vindicator

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Arthur Lee

Artist: Arthur Lee
Title: Vindicator

2007 digitally remastered edition of the 1972 solo album debut by the late founder of the group Love. It was originally issued on the A&M label and includes five bonus tracks of previously unreleased material: "Pencil in Hand" (an early version of "He Said, She Said"), "E-Z Rider" (a Jimi Hendrix song) and "Looking Glass Looking at Me" (an early version of "You Want Change for Your Re-Run") and "Everybody's Gotta Live" and "He Knows a Lot of Good Women". The disc comes packaged in a slipcase with updated liner notes by David Wells. BGO.

1.1 Sad Song
1.2 You Can Save Up to 50% But You're Still a Long Ways from Home
1.3 Love Jumped Through My Window
1.4 Find Somebody
1.5 He Said She Said
1.6 Every Time I Look Up I'm Down or White Dog (I Don't Know What That Means!)
1.7 Everybody's Gotta Live
1.8 You Want Change for Your Re-Run
1.9 He Knows a Lot of Good Women (Or Scotty's Song)
1.10 Hamburger Breath Stinkfinger
1.11 Ol' Morgue Mouth
1.12 Busted Feet
1.13 Everybody's Gotta Live (Previously Unreleased Version)
1.14 He Knows a Lot of Good Women (Previously Unreleased Version)
1.15 Pencil in Hand (Early Version of He Said She Said)
1.16 E-Z Rider (Previously Unreleased)
1.17 Looking Glass Looking at Me (Early Version of You Want Change for Your Re-Run)

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