Arturo Sandoval

Arturo Sandoval: Tumbaito

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Artist: Arturo Sandoval

Artist: Arturo Sandoval
Title: Tumbaito

Arturo Sandoval's fourth solo album, TUMBAITO, was released in 1986. It is packed to the gills with dynamic performances. Sandoval is a trumpet player's trumpet player, and his bold, blazing tone and flawless technical chops place him among the top ranks of instrumentalists. He really cuts loose on TUMBAITO, stretching out on bop workouts and Cuban-flavored jams. TUMBAITO is a fine document of this phenomenally talented trumpeter.

1.1 A Night in Tunisia
1.2 Tunisias Blues
1.3 Nuestro Blues
1.4 Los Elefantes
1.5 Relax
1.6 Tumbaito

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