As Tall as Lions

As Tall as Lions: As Tall As Lions

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Artist: As Tall as Lions
Title: As Tall As Lions
Product Type: VINYL LP

This band redefined perceptions of Long Island's music scene with their British influenced contemporary indie rock sound. On their sophomore release, they harnessed the creativity of 70's album rock, the lush tones of ambient pop, and the subtle passion of groups such as The Smiths from the late '80s. Now available again on vinyl, this color vinyl has new die cut artwork and comes with a download card. The band is still active on their socials and will promote the release.

1.1 Stab City
1.2 Song for Luna
1.3 Break a Pause
1.4 Love, Love, Love (Love, Love)
1.5 Ghost of York
1.6 Milk and Honey
1.7 Be Here Now
1.8 I'm Kicking Myself
1.9 Where Do I Stand
1.10 Maybe I'm Just Tired
1.11 Soft Hum

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