Ashbringer: Yuegn

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Artist: Ashbringer

Artist: Ashbringer
Title: Yuegn
Product Type: VINYL LP

Yugen outshines it's predecessor Vacant (2016) in every aspect, and rightfully so. A gorgeous expedition through luscious soundscapes aided by an oriental tint, Ashbringer present one of the most invigorating, raw, and enjoyable adventures black metal has seen in a while. A stunning palette of colliding synths and cavernous leads are a wonderfully enticing introduction to Yugen's expedition. The density of the synth work transitions beautifully into continuous force, as the band blast and shred their way into the spotlight. The bridge between dynamics, and the melodic measures taken to pair riffs together are implemented flawlessly; a direct, technical edification from Vacant which suffered from occasionally poor cohesion decisions. A serene acoustic interlude, a passionate solo, and the song marches out, confident that it opened Yugen well - "Solace" stands as a perfect representation of this album's greatest strength; beautifully paced, dynamic songwriting. As the expedition ventures forth into "Oceans Apart", and "Lakeside Meditation", individualism and consistent theme work hand-in-hand to paint vivid, honest images of the changing world of Yugen. There is no star track on Yugen, and with very good reason. Ashbringer have grabbed diversity by the reigns, exploring every nook and cranny of atmospheric black metal's melodic side, and returning only with choice picks. The title track's swirling entrance and firestorm crescendo will leave you with the same, awestruck buzz as the proceeding interlude that falls under three minutes.

1.1 Solace
1.2 Oceans Apart
1.3 Lakeside Meditation
1.4 In Remembrance
1.5 Celestial Infancy
1.6 Yügen
1.7 Omen
1.8 Glowing Embers, Dying Fire

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