Ashrae Fax

Ashrae Fax: Never Really Been Into It

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Ashrae Fax

Title: Never Really Been Into It
Label: Mexican Summer
Product Type: VINYL LP

The legacy of North Carolina's Ashrae Fax seems destined to be appreciated in retrospect, in no small part given to the tremendous power of the group's 2003 release Static Crash!, reissued twice from it's initial CD-R run before appearing on Mexican Summer last year. The Goth/ethereal duo of vocalist Renee Mendoza and producer/guitarist Alex Chesney had built a long, strange and mostly undocumented legacy prior to that release, and Never Really Been Into It extends the tale back even further.

1.1 Dreamers Tied to Chairs
1.2 CHKN
1.3 The Big Lie
1.4 Fits and Starts
1.5 Decaax
1.6 Hurricanes In a Jar
1.7 You Make Me Question My Mind (in a thousand words about time)
1.8 Intexus
1.9 Seconds Chances
1.10 In Motion

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