Asplund: All My Septembers

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Asplund

Title: All My Septembers
Label: Prophone

Peter Asplund is one of Sweden's foremost trumpet players. Or why not say it like it is? He is one of Europe's or even the world's foremost trumpeters. Why draw a line when there is no need to? Jazz is not limited by any national borders. It has been written: "A fantastic musician who always plays straight from the heart" - and to which we can all readily agree! Over the years he has developed his dynamic and energy-loaded, slightly melancholic and melodic trumpet style until he can express what he feels when he feels. This applies when he plays a standard by, say, George Gershwin, Cole Porter or Duke Ellington. And it also applies when he plays some of his own original compositions, tunes with a distinct accent on melody, "my own standards" he calls them. Of his new release, he writes: "I was born in September. There is something special about that month. The light, the air, the scent of nature. For many it is a beginning of something, for others, an end. You reminisce. You look forward in time. You pause and regard the present. Wherever you happen to be, September brings forth both feelings and thoughts on life. These are mine. "All my Septembers stay with me forever."

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