Aston Shuffle: Seventeen Past Midnight

Aston Shuffle: Seventeen Past Midnight
Title: Seventeen Past Midnight
Label: Ministry of Sound

The Aston Shuffle's ascent to the top of the Australian dance music totem has been nothing short of startling. Only three years ago the duo of Vance Musgrove and Mikah Freeman were the sole toast of the Australian capital, before their unmistakable blend of big dance floor vibes and aurally striking hooks landed them on the radar of eager listeners and tastemakers alike. 2011 sees the release of their anticipated debut album, Seventeen Past Midnight, which looks to cement them as the next wave of Australia's emerging electronic scene if the reaction to the initial singles is anything to go by. The first single from Seventeen Past Midnight, 'Your Love', fused the group's love of razor-edged electro breakdowns with an enslaving vocoder refrain. It caused sparks across national airwaves and brought many a blog to the limits of it's bandwidth. The anthemic sequel 'Start Again' promises to continue powering the Shuffle juggernaut into the stratosphere of stereo. Kicking genres to the kerb, it's sort of nu-electroclash with a straight up edge, a femme-fatale vox that oozes bliss and a kick so tight that you can feel it in your back teeth. Accompanied by one of the strongest remix packs to see the light of day, the herculean single is set to be a hit of the future. The Aston Shuffle's meteoric rise to this point in space and time has merely been a courting of aural foreplay, a tease of talents, which this duo possesses.

1.1 I Wanna See You
1.2 Bring It Back
1.3 The Surface
1.4 Your Love
1.5 Where Are Your Teeth?
1.6 Do You Want More?
1.7 Round N Round
1.8 Start Again
1.9 Drop
1.10 Anticipointment
1.11 Amaze
1.12 Into Forever

Aston Shuffle: Seventeen Past Midnight

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