Astral Swans

Astral Swans: All My Favorite Singers Are Willie Nelson

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Astral Swans

Title: All My Favorite Singers Are Willie Nelson
Label: Madic Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

From the unfiltered inner monologue of Calgary's Matthew Swann, Astral Swans is the sound of time spent next to the radiator in a cold apartment. Swann's observations are stark and personal, bringing to mind images of the American underground's various eras. Equally inspired by 60's folk, no wave, and 90's sludge, Astral Swans is at once: haunting, sincere, psychedelic, and strange - picture Nick Drake, Vashti Bunyan, Syd Barrett, and Sibyelle Baier, interpreted via Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey, Eric's Trip, and Chad Vangaalen (who produced Swann's previous project, Extra Happy Ghost!!!) He lacks the usual pretense of the "singer/songwriter" and one gets the feeling that his cleverness is almost accidental; it's just what happened.

1.1 There Are Ways To Get What You Want
1.2 Beginning of the End
1.3 Let Their Faces All Blur Out
1.4 Please Don't Leave Me Strange
1.5 Freaks Me Out What Calms You Down
1.6 You Carry a Sickness
1.7 Park Street
1.8 September
1.9 Holly
1.10 My Conscience Don't Work In the New World
1.11 Attention
1.12 Grass Girl

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