ATEEZ: Spin Off: From The Witness

Ateez: Spin Off: From The Witness
Title: Spin Off: From The Witness
Label: KQ Entertainment

1 out box & sleeve, 1 photo booklet, 1 bookmark, 1 CD, 3 photo cards, 1 sticker, 1 folded poster, 1 US exclusive photocard. A new time, a new space, and new episodes, the special edition of SPIN OFF is a step away from the previous album THE WORLD. An interesting story that no one else has hear of before is unraveled by a witness. This album has a strong sense of immersion that makes listeners feel like they are looking into a piece of ATEEZ's story. Written in the perspective of an anonymous witness shrouded by mystery, the story of SPIN OFF will give you a new experience and make you feel as if you are in a short film.

1.1 Halazia
1.2 Win (June One of Glen Check Remix)
1.3 I'm the One (Eden-Ary Remix)
1.4 Take Me Home (Idiotape Remix)
1.5 Outro : Blue Bird

ATEEZ: Spin Off: From The Witness

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