Athena Andreadis: Breathe With Me

Athena Andreadis: Breathe With Me
Title: Breathe With Me
Label: Embraceable Records

Now LA-based, Anglo/Greek pop vocalist Athena Andreadis she released her debut album Breathe With Me in 2007. She was featured in an hour-long documentary aired on Channel 5 (UK) in April 2008. Now, Embraceable Records has made this disc available once again.

1.1 To Be with You
1.2 Recently Scarred
1.3 Inside Out
1.4 Green Eyes
1.5 Pretty Things
1.6 Shades of Grey
1.7 All I See Is You
1.8 Wooden Horse
1.9 Running to You
1.10 Eden (Garden State)
1.11 Let Me in
1.12 Breathe Again
1.13 For This Love Affair (Bonus Track)
1.14 This Life (Bonus Track)

Athena Andreadis: Breathe With Me

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