Athlete: Vehicles & Animals: 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Athlete: Vehicles & Animals: 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Title: Vehicles & Animals: 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Label: Chrysalis

Clamshell Box. Vehicles & Animals is the debut album from UK based rock band Athlete. Hailing from south London, the band achieved chart success with the singles "You Got The Style" and "Beautiful"with the album going on to platinum success as well as being nominated for the Mercury Music Prize in 2003.An eclectic mix of quirky electronica and unashamed pop, it is guilelessly cheery and knowingly witty in equal measure. It is rife with an irresistible charm, sly English wit, and supremely catchy choruses.Packaged in a DVD sized bookpack with a 20 page booklet, this release marks it's exact 20th anniversary with this expanded 4CD release. This newly remastered version also features all the B sides from the debut album's singles, previously unreleased demos, the complete London ULU concert from March 2003, and exclusive BBC sessions

1.1 El Salvador
1.2 Westside
1.3 One Million
1.4 Shake Those Windows
1.5 Beautiful
1.6 New Project
1.7 You Got the Style
1.8 Vehicles ; Animals
1.9 Out of Nowhere
1.10 Dungeness
1.11 You Know
1.12 Le Casio
1.13 Back Track
1.14 One of Those Days
1.15 A Few Differences
1.16 You Go the Style (Weevil Remix)
1.17 On and on
1.18 Another Kind of Beautiful
1.19 Moving Out
1.20 Loose Change
1.21 You Got the Style (Live at Virgin Radio)
1.22 Count Me in
1.23 Westside (Elbow Remix)
1.24 Hot Sun Pavement
1.25 Beautiful
1.26 Dungeness
1.27 You Know
1.28 Westside
1.29 Back Track
1.30 El Salvador
1.31 Shake Those Windows
1.32 Westside
1.33 Vehicles ; Animals
1.34 You Got the Style
1.35 Beautiful
1.36 New Project
1.37 Out of Nowhere
1.38 One Million
1.39 Dungeness
1.40 You Know
1.41 You Got the Style
1.42 Beautiful
1.43 Westside
1.44 El Salvador
1.45 Dungeness
1.46 Shake Those Windows
1.47 Kiss
1.48 New Project
1.49 Westside (BBC Re:Covered)

Athlete: Vehicles & Animals: 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

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