Atlantic Starr: Brilliance

Atlantic Starr: Brilliance
Title: Brilliance
Label: PTG Records

Reissue of their 1982 fourth album Brilliance produced by James Anthony Carmichael (the Commodores). There were two hit singles from the album featured hit singles "Love Me Down" & "Circles.". The album reached #1 on the R&B chart. While never achieving "supergroup" status, Atlantic Starr was one of the most consistently successful "and underrated" soul bands of the 80s, with a basketful of memorable songs that still sound good today. Like many groups formed in the mid-70s, Atlantic Starr was influenced by the self-contained funk bands like Earth Wind & Fire and Kool & the Gang, and the massive initial line-up, consisting of lead singer Sharon Bryant and musicians Cliff Archer, Porter Carroll, Joseph Phillips, Damon Rentie, William Sudderth and brothers Wayne, David and Jonathan Lewis, reflected the times.

1.1 Love Me Down
1.2 Sexy Dancer
1.3 Love Moves
1.4 You Love Finally Ran Out
1.5 Circles
1.6 Let's Get Closed
1.7 Perfect Love
1.8 You're the One

Atlantic Starr: Brilliance

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