Atmosphere: Southsiders

Atmosphere: Southsiders
Title: Southsiders
Label: Rhymesayers
Product Type: VINYL LP

Metalic silver vinyl LP pressing. Slug and Ant are still at it, rappin' with clever lyrics and angst over the modern complications of life. More mature than gangsta rap, they focus their nongangsta lives and what it takes to get by on the straight and narrow. Creative and original, they mix in beats and sounds from crunchy electric guitars to '40s'-era swing. Just because they aren't gangsta doesn't mean they don't have an edge. They also have a sense of humor. But they're based out of Minnesota, and how do you get through those winters without a sense of humor? This 2014 release comes as a double album on a metalic silver vinyl. It peaked at an impressive #8 on the Billboard Hot 200 chart!

1.1 Camera Thief
1.2 Arthur's Song
1.3 The World Might Not Live Through the Night
1.4 Star Shaped Heart
1.5 I Love You Like a Brother
1.6 Southsiders
1.7 Bitter
1.8 Mrs. Interpret
1.9 Fortunate
1.10 Kanye West
1.11 We Ain't Gonna Die Today
1.12 My Lady Got Two Men
1.13 Flicker
1.14 January on Lake Street
1.15 Let Me Know That You Know What You Want Now

Atmosphere: Southsiders

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