August Alsina: The Product Iii: Stateofemergency

August Alsina: The Product Iii: Stateofemergency
Title: The Product Iii: Stateofemergency
Label: Shake the World

The Product III: stateofEMERGEncy is a robust 27-songs with features from Yo Gotti, Tink, Lil Wayne, Juicy J and Darrel Walls. stateofEMERGEncy: The Rise of August Alsina documentary explicitly revealsAlsina's troubling past, his loved ones surrounding him and the life-changing moment creating an instantpause in his career. With only 15-minutes each episode, Alsina opens up about his auto-immune disease, his homeless experience and his anxiety, giving fans a glimpse of his hometown and childhood life inNew Orleans leading up to the release of Product III: stateofEMERGEncy."The goal of this project is to expose myself through the art and to help others reveal their true selves, "said Alsina on Instagram. "Go back into the past, bring it into the present and positively impact ourfuture. I want to show the community that we've all had to overcome some type of obstacle. Somegreater than others, but pain is pain... and pain and it's threshold is subject and different for eachindividual."

1.1 Nola
1.2 Today
1.3 Rounds
1.4 Lessons
1.5 Sincerely
1.6 Deliver Us (Feat. Darrel Walls)
1.7 RRR (Real Recognize Real)
1.8 Fly Far
1.9 Feeling
1.10 Perfect Strangers
1.11 Pretty
1.12 4Real
1.13 Work to Do
1.14 Be Good
2.1 Soon As I Walk in (Feat. Tink)
2.2 Tonight
2.3 Longer
2.4 Sleeve
2.5 Chase
2.6 Brakes (Feat. Yo Gotti)
2.7 Broken Rollie
2.8 If We Broke Up
2.9 Ready
2.10 Bossin Up
2.11 Party Til
2.12 Resent (Feat. Lil Wayne ; Juicy J)
2.13 Still Don't Know

August Alsina: The Product Iii: Stateofemergency

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