August Burns Red

August Burns Red: Leveler [Survival Kit] [Box Set]

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Product Type: CD

Artist: August Burns Red
Title: Leveler [Survival Kit] [Box Set]

SURVIVAL KIT BOX SET contains: Extended booklet, Two fold out posters, Circle fan sticker, Mini pencil, Survivors journal, Flashlight/ Compass, Band-Aids in plastic case, Credit Card Multi-purpose Tool, and a copy of LEVELER Deluxe Edition (Digipack).

1.1 Empire
1.2 Internal Cannon
1.3 Divisions
1.4 Cutting the Ties
1.5 Pangaea
1.6 Carpe Diem
1.7 40 Nights
1.8 Salt ; Light
1.9 Poor Millionaire
1.10 1/16/2011
1.11 Boys of Fall
1.12 Leveler
1.13 Internal Cannon [Acoustic] [Version]
1.14 Pangaea
1.15 Boys of Fall
1.16 Empire [Midi] [Version]

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