Avatar: Avatar Country

Avatar: Avatar Country
Title: Avatar Country
Label: Ent. One Music

Avatar's seventh album "Avatar Country" on CD, released on January 12th 2018. Why so serious? AVATAR's seventh album "Avatar Country" is a again a mix of Nu Metal, Melodic Death Metal and the typical AVATAR Sound, which makes it very special again. People of Earth! Avatar Country is blessing you by opening it's borders to the world! Glory to our King! It is with great pride and joy that we here at Avatar Country's Department of Good News, in coalition with Entertainment One (North America) and Century Media Records Ltd. (Rest Of The World), get to announce the following: "AVATAR the band, featuring His Royal Highness The King and his elite backing orchestra will release their seventh full length. A staff member of the Court comments: We see this as our opportunity to finally show the world the glory of "Avatar Country" and our King. The album contains the expected superior examples of how metal should and must sound today and for all eternity. Plus, also included is a new rendition of our national anthem and audio recordings from some of the finest moments of the King's history of public speaking. "Avatar Country" will also serve as the highly anticipated follow-up to "Feathers and Flesh". The King and His Band will go on a series of state visits all over the world this winter and spring. GLORY TO OUR KING!"

1.1 Glory to Our King - 0:52
1.2 Legend of the King - 8:18
1.3 The King Welcomes You to Avatar Country - 5:36
1.4 King's Harvest - 3:55
1.5 The King Wants You - 4:21
1.6 The King Speaks - 3:18
1.7 A Statue of the King - 3:45
1.8 King After King - 5:08
1.9 Silent Songs of the King PT 1: Winter Comes When the King Dreams of Snow - 3:34
1.10 Silent Songs of the King PT 2: The King's Palace - 4:37

Avatar: Avatar Country

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