Avatar: Feathers & Flesh

Avatar: Feathers & Flesh
Title: Feathers & Flesh
Label: Ent. One Music

Avatar build their vast universe on a few very simple principals. All great metal is created by understanding that the riff is king and that the riff is groove. Whether it's a blast beat or a back beat, you need to understand the vessel in which your riff will be carried. Once it takes off, all you need to do is follow. Let the music play you. This is how it's supposed to be. Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden the lads grew up in the eye of a storm of local musicians made up of metal greats and legends who conquered the world and redrew the map of heavy metal on a monthly basis. This was the measuring stick, and the group have proudly taken on the challenge ever since. The album was recorded in Germany, Finland and Sweden in December 2015 with producer extraordinaire Sylvia Massy (System of a Down, Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers) at the wheel. The music is as always rooted in the extreme, with plenty of melodic sensibility and a lust for experimentation. There is a love for intense double bass drumming, riffing and shredding of timeless dimensions alongside rough edges, slow grooves and epic storytelling for the ages. The idea is that as the band digs deeper, the fists will be held up higher. The end result is a modern metal album with all the ruthlessness and power one could ask for handled with a loving songwriter's hand, inspired by The Beatles and Queen.

1.1 Regret
1.2 House of Eternal Hunt
1.3 The Eagle Has Landed
1.4 New Land
1.5 Tooth, Beak ; Claw
1.6 For the Swarm
1.7 Fiddler's Farewell
1.8 One More Hill
1.9 Black Waters
1.10 Night Never Ending
1.11 Pray the Sun Away
1.12 When the Snow Lies Red
1.13 Raven Wine
1.14 Sky Burial
1.15 I've Got Something in My Front Pocket for You (Bonus Track)
1.16 Det ÄR Alldeles Försent (Bonus Track)

Avatar: Feathers & Flesh

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