Avey Tare: Pullhair Rubeye

Avey Tare: Pullhair Rubeye
Title: Pullhair Rubeye
Label: Paw Tracks

Avey Tare is Dave Portner of Animal Collective and Kria Brekkan is Kristin Anna Valtydottir formerly of the band mum. The two met a few years back and started playing music together in the summer of 2005. Recently they married and now live together in New York City. Avey Tare and Kria Brekkan's PULLHAIR RUBEYE is a motley collection of fun and somber songs. Some of the tracks are instrumental, textured and trancelike. They sound like they could come from another world. Other songs are lyrically based, calmer, more introspective. These sound like direct transmissions from within.

1.1 Sis Around the Sandmill
1.2 Opis Helpus
1.3 Foetus Noman
1.4 Who Wellses in My Hoff
1.5 Lay Lay Off, Faselam
1.6 Palenka
1.7 Sasong
1.8 Was Onaip

Avey Tare: Pullhair Rubeye

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