Awaken: Out Of The Shadows

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Artist: Awaken

Artist: Awaken
Title: Out Of The Shadows

Second album from the New York based Melodic/ Progressive Metal band. The band, founded by singer Glenn DaGrossa, formerly the songwriter and founding member of the power metal band Lazarus, released their debut album in 2012. Awaken features an all-star cast of veteran New York musicians: Scott Bennett (Lost Legacy, The Lab, Present Darkness), Joe Todaro (Corey TuT, Smoking Buddha), Freddy Villano (Quiet Riot, Dee Snider's Widowmaker), Nick D'Alessandro (Criss Angel Mindfreak, Earth Eatz Dog, Lazarus). With some progressive elements and the brilliant voiceof Glenn DaGrossa this album can be highly recommended to all who like Melodic Metal on highest level. Even those who are in progressive bands like Queensryche or Fates Warning should risk an ear to it.

1.1 Black from Blue
1.2 Moment of Truth
1.3 Ride Like the Wind
1.4 Drowning Pool
1.5 My Heart of Darkness
1.6 Dachau Be My Destiny
2.1 Out of the Shadows
2.2 Only Your Eyes to Weep
2.3 The Spider Dream
2.4 Twist of Fate
2.5 Nine Circles Part 1: Through the Gates
2.6 Nine Circles Part 2: The Dark Side of Sorrow
2.7 Nine Circles Part 3: City of Dis

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